Diagnosis and Identification of Plant Disorders
When we identify plants and diagnose problems we accurately identify the plant and look at the pattern of abnormality. We carefully examine the site, noting the color, size and thickness of the foliage. We check the trunks and branches of trees and plants and examine the roots and root collars. After all of this, we check for other signs and symptoms and will give you our recommendations.

Trees and plants are an important part of our landscapes and yards. They provide a host of benefits to our daily lives including much needed oxygen as well as shade and beauty. It is important to keep your trees healthy and ensure that common problems such as small bugs and other health risks do not effectively harm your favorite trees. Raines Tree Care is very knowledgeable about a variety of tree problems and we can correctly identify a variety of ailments, which is the first step to saving the trees and plants that are affected. In addition to finding problems that are already in place, we are also happy to provide consultation services and give you proper advice on the health of your trees and plants today. We can identify any risks that could prove to be threats in the future. It is imperative that you check for risk reduction at the very least to eliminate any problems that may arise in the future.

Tree assessment is the evaluation of a tree's current health. Risk assessment includes checking for the potential of the tree to fail, noting the environmental elements that may contribute to failure. Evaluating trees for their potential to fail is risk management.