Raines Tree Care offers many tree and shrub care services ranging from natural pruning of shrubs, to structural pruning of small trees, to pruning and removal of the largest trees. We also handle many aspects of plant health care. Many of our services are listed below. Contact us today to arrange a time for us to provide a free quote.

Diagnosis and Tree Assessment - During tree identification and diagnosis, we accurately identify the tree and look at the pattern of abnormality. (continue reading...)

ANSI A300 - Raines Tree Care abides by the ANSI A300 publication, Standard Practices for Pruning. ANSI A300 is the industry standard for proper tree care. (continue reading...)

View Enhancement - Raines Tree Care provides view enhancement for your property. We always strive to balance the needs of our clients while preserving the health and beauty of each individual tree we work on. (continue reading...)

  • tree removal - we are experienced in tree removal including close quarters large tree removal
  • stump gringing / removal
  • tree health consulting and problem diagnosis
  • cabling and bracing
  • emergency tree services (i.e. from storm damage)
  • structural and corrective pruning
  • crown thinning
  • natural shrub pruning
  • crown pruning

Winter Tree Work

  • discounts often available
  • easily observe and correct branch structure
  • no spread of disease during dormant season
  • find and correct weak and damaged limbs
  • drive heavy equipment onto frozen ground

For any other tree/shrub/plant related services please give us a call at 479-244-5228 or e-mail as we can either help you or refer you to a qualified organization who can..